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J Acoust. 2019;1:e190001.


Welcome to the Journal of Acoustics: A New and Advanced Platform for Researchers and Professionals Devoted to the Science and Applications of Acoustics

Shiu-keung Tang

Department of Building Services Engineering; Urban Noise Research Laboratory, Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

Received: 18 December 2018; Accepted: 18 December 2018; Published: 18 December 2018

It is my great pleasure to announce as the founding Editor-in-Chief the launch of the Journal of Acoustics, a journal aims to provide a premium multidisciplinary forum for publishing and sharing all theoretical, experimental and computational studies associated with acoustical science and engineering.

The subject Acoustics has a long and rich history. The application of acoustics can be dated back to pre-historic time when people were using sounds/music for communication, conveying complex messages as well as for special festival virtuals. The research and development in this subject area continues to evolve with human civilization. One can find the application of acoustics in ancient monuments, such as the Theatre of Epidaurus of Greece and the Tiantan (Temple of Heaven) of China, and the topic of architectural acoustics has been hot for decades and is still attracting much attention nowadays. The industrial revolution and similar activities brought prosperity to mankind and people started to live in cities. The control of machine noises and environmental noise management have then become important issues. The challenge becomes more acute as cities grow bigger and population density rises.

The subject Acoustics has also become more and more multi-disciplinary as time goes by. Apart from traditional topics, such as sound transmission, absorption and propagation, acousticians are collaborating with medical/health professionals in ultrasonic applications and health-related topics, with sociologists and psychologists on soundscape-related and well-being issues and with archaeologists and anthropologists on archaeoacoustics and heritage preservation. This list is by mean exhaustive. The concerted effort of acousticians and the collaborators across the globe has brought about many new ideas, methods for analysis and technologies in all branches of acoustics. This subject area is developing at a fast pace and the introduction of an open access journal which encourages rapid exchanges of ideas and research information and for sharing new technologies is essential and timely.

We have successfully brought together distinguished researchers and experts across the world with wide range of expertise covering all branches of acoustics to form the editorial board of the journal. The rich experience and in-depth knowledge in our editorial board will ensure fast and quality peer reviews of all submissions, and help the wide and timely dissemination of the high quality research information published in the journal.

We look forward to receiving your submissions. We hope that you can also help the peer review process. Your views and suggestions to the further development of the journal are most welcome. Let’s work together to make the Journal of Acoustics a highly visible and impactful journal.

Shiu-keung Tang

Founding Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Acoustics

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Tang SK. Welcome to the Journal of Acoustics: A New and Advanced Platform for Researchers and Professionals Devoted to the Science and Applications of Acoustics. J Acoust. 2019; 1: e190001.

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